About Dr. C., Founder of PENSIDA.

Dr. Guy Cappuccino is a board certified plastic surgeon serving the Frederick, Carroll, Howard  and Montgomery County, Maryland area.

Over the years, he had seen many patients struggling with skin issues and he wanted to create a product that provided healthier skin, reduce blemishes, and create confidence.

Using his expertise as a plastic surgeon and going through years of testing, Dr. C. was able to develop a line of skin care products that, not only helps his patients, but others around the world.

Refining The Formula

Over the past two years, Dr. C. has tested and refined the formula for PENSIDA using the best ingredients available. 

Included are several natural extracts from plants, such as cucumbers, lilacs, raspberries, and many others that have shown to have a beneficial impact on skin related issues.

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Anti-Cellulite Cream Ingredients

Caffeine,10% Liporeductyl, 5% Provislim, 3% Regu-slim, 2.5 Bodyfit, Coffee Oil, Coffee Robusta Seed Extract, Retinol 0.1%,  Emblica, Retistar, Ajidew N-50, DMI, Shea Butter, Menthol, Sucrose, Moisture Complex